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169 and 494 Interchange: What should Be Done About It?

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For many years, anyone who gets near the interchange of 169 and 494 knows that you are going to have to wait. They have done some great work south of the interchange as you head toward Savage, but right there is a mess.

The hope for some time was that eventually efforts would go toward expanding the on and off ramps to ease the congestion. Others have suggested simply getting rid of the lights, and that might help. For some time, there has been a plan on the board to expand the area with as many as eight new sections.

Unfortunately, the money isn’t there. Recently, the discussion has turned to maybe doing the same plan, but reducing the number of additional lanes. It’s been suggested that since fewer people go from 169 to west 494 and 494 to north 169, those changes couple be dropped.

It may be this kind of thinking that will get us through the next couple of years in the present economy. The Federal Highway Administration will have the final say because interstate 94 is involved. Hopefully, something will be done to ease the traffic problem.