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Adjuster Said “The Lawyer Will Just Line His Pockets”

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I recently was talking to a person who had been talking to an insurance adjuster about settling their case. The adjuster told them that they didn't want to hire a lawyer because they will just line their pockets. Well first of all that advice is legal advice and the adjuster is breaking the law.

But the statement is important to look at because what do you think they are saying? The lawyer does get paid on the case, but if the insurance adjuster is making a fair offer, what money can be made? For example, on a case that is worth the limits , they offer the limits. Or if the case is worth $25,000 and they offer the $25,000, there isn't anything for us to do. The potential client would come in to see us and we would tell them, "looks good".

However, what we see is 1/4 offers or worse. We see bad information about coverages and nothing being done to make sure all of the medical bills or subrogation interests are taken care of. So the lining of the pockets involves getting the person the money they should have been offered and making sure all of their interests are protected.

Doesn't the suggestion from the adjuster indicate that they really should be paying more money? Seems what they should be saying is, go ahead talk to the lawyer you will see we are being more than fair.

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