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Adjusters Simply Aren’t On Your Side

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Not sure what has been going on lately but if seems like a lot of potential new clients come in after having talked to the adjusters first. As some time we find out that:

- The adjuster has been given unlimited authorizations that allow the insurance company to talk to the doctor. That wouldn’t happen if we represented them.

- The adjuster has spent a lot of time talking about how the accident happened. Taking a recorded statement that gets into speed and lookout, and anything else that might put blame on the client. Nailing down that even when their insured had the most egregious fault, the injured person has their own amount of fault.

- They were given inaccurate legal advice. Most of it is the phony horror stories of lawyers taking all the money, how they can’t ever win, and what juries do in cases. We have even seen examples of the adjuster providing select jury results. How many cases does an adjuster try? The reality is that it’s free to talk to the lawyer for an initial review of your case and you will be talking to a real lawyer not someone pretending to be.

- They offer money. For people in need of money it may look like a quick fix. But, in most cases it’s a big risk and unlikely to be the real value of the case.

- The adjuster use the injured person’s words against them. Innocent comments and friendly banter become, "They said they were doing better," "They said it might not be from the collision" and "they said it might not have been the defendants fault." All things taken out of context, used to reduce the value of the case.

After a collision is the wrong time to be playing lawyer and taking risks that affect you and your family. Talk to a knowledgeable lawyer that can explain your rights and make sure you make the correct decisions.