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Administrative Professionals Day’s Importance to Clients

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Today is a day to remember and celebrate all of the people in the office that keep it running. Those that answer the phones, type the letters, schedule, file, and do all of those things that are vital to a law firm. They are also another reason for hiring the right personal injury firm.

We often write about the questions to ask to hire a lawyer. Do they have the knowledge, experience and ability? But, there are also questions about the staff:

– Is the firm adequacy staffed to handle the case load?

– Do the lawyer pawn off the legal work to unqualified personal that simple process you like a number?

– Who do you deal with?

– Who sees your file?

– Who can I talk to if the lawyer isn't there?

– What kind of turn over do you have?

Who you hire does make a difference. It also makes a difference who they hire.