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Applications For Insurance Are Important

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There are two times when insurance companies are very interested in the activities of those they insure. They are very interested in ensuring that the premiums get paid and they are again very interested when asked to pay out. Make sure you put your time with filling out the application.

Don’t except advice from agents who act like the application isn’t important. Also make sure you think through each question. We see this every once in awhile when a person is denied medical coverage, disability benefits, or life insurance. Sometimes the companies yell fraud, but usually it’s just a simple denial, even over a little mistake.

If the agent is telling you something that doesn’t make sense, it probably will be used against you. We have had a number of cases where agents have been shown to be giving bad advice or not having any idea what the product they were selling really covered.

If you have a dispute over coverage seek out the help of an experienced lawyer who can help you review the denial. Maybe, call and ask questions before you finish the form. Also do your best to review all the questions and answer them the best you can.