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Bicycles Are Out On The Road

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Spring is here, and the roads are filled with bicycles. Thankfully, there have been few stories about riders getting hit. It’s important that cars be on the lookout and that bikes be aware of the rules.


• Reduce distractions and watch for bikes or cars.

• Follow all stop signs and traffic signals.


• Give cyclists the entire lane if there’s not enough room for a bike and vehicle.

• Give bikes 3 feet of clearance when passing.

• Look ahead and behind for cyclists when turning.

• Yield to bikes on sidewalks and halt before crosswalks.


• Ride just right of center in a lane rather than along curbs

• Stay away from doors of parked cars.

• Bike with the flow of traffic unless there’s a contra-flow bike lane.

• Use hand signals for turns and switching lanes.

• Wear helmets and use lights and reflective gear at night.

Source: City of Minneapolis

May the 19th will again see the Ride of Silence. This is the night that 1000’s of riders across the country ride to recognize those that have been killed. The number of bike riders will continue to grow, hopefully, keeping this in mind will make it safer for everyone.