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Can We Drive Without Highway Lights?

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I was alerted to a new problem that is being done due too budget problems in my former home state of Rhode Island . They are turning highway lights off. Apparently, according to the RI Department of Transportation:

the move would save about $500,000 per year, about one-fourth of the annual $2 million highway lighting budget. .

I have for some time had concerns about the amount of salt and sand that wasn’t being used on Minnesota roads in the winter. If we add no lights, we are looking at year round hazards. When we are looking at financial decisions as to what and if roads get lights, it should be a concern for any driver.

Questions will have to be asked:

- Why was one road lit and not another?

- What about new drivers who would expect the lights in the area?

- What other options are out there?

- Will there be problems with an inferior or different product that might be used?

- Should there be signs that says "The light poles are decorations" to warn drivers?

- What other safety issues should be considered (stop signs, speed limits, lines, markers) to replace the lights?

- Are other states going to follow this idea?

- If a car hits one of these unused poles what was the reason it was there?

It’s an issue we all need to keep an eye on. If we can see it.