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Car Accident: It Can Make A Difference Who You Hire

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When you or a family member is in a car accident, it may seem like you can hire any attorney. The ads seem to be saying much of the same thing. They all went to law school. Can’t anyone you hire help you?

The answer is maybe. The problem is that you can’t afford to be a test case. You don’t want your claim to be handled by someone who doesn’t really know what they are doing. The local lawyer may not be the right answer.

With the economy getting tighter and other areas of the law drying up, the number of lawyers claiming to do trials may grow. So it’s important that you ask key questions:

1) How many of these types of cases have you handled?

2) What have the results been?

3) Have you written articles on the topic or taught CLE’s?

4) What can I expect from your representation?

5) What kind of support staff do you have?

6) Do you have malpractice insurance?

7) If we go to trial what is your experience?

8) Why should I hire you?

Any of the lawyers at our office would be happy to answer these or any of your questions. With each answer, we can demonstrate how we have in the past and will continue to maximize your results. Hire a lawyer who will make a difference for you and your love ones.