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Charges Over Child's Lack Of Seatbelt Should Be A Big Reminder

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Last week a 9 year-old girl was thrown from a vehicle during a single-car accident Interstate 94 near Hwy. 95 near Hixton, in Jackson County. Investigation disclosed that the girl was not wearing a seatbelt. Thankfully, she wasn’t killed.

The driver was charges as a result of the collision and resulting endangerment of the child. This should be a reminder how important seat belts are to all of us. Especially, important is to make sure that little ones in the car are safely buckled in.

The Department of Public Safety says we could save 30 lives and prevent up to 400 serious injuries per year because of seat belt laws. The potential savings in emergency responses and medical expenses could make a real difference. They do save lives, but we need to use them.