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Defendants Take Advantage of the Ticking Clock

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It is sad when a person with a solid claim calls after the Statute of Limitations has run out. When I ask why they have waited, they often say something like:

– I don't want to make a claim

– I'm not the type of person that would do that

– I don't want to sue someone

But they have been living with years of the injury caused through no fault of their own. They have lost jobs, accumulated medical bills, and missed out on major parts of their lives. All because of someone who did something dumb.

Sometimes the insurance company has been stringing them along for a while, so they had hopes they would be treated fairly.

But when it comes down to it, if they had at least taken the time to get a free consultation they would have been able to know what the time limits are and understood what claims they had, while also understanding what the insurance company isn't telling them.

I feel so sorry for those people because they really are just trying to do what they think the right thing is. Unfortunately, the insurance adjuster really has no interest in doing anything but letting the time run out.