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Don’t Like the Traffic on Your Road? Put a Sign Up!

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Apparently, in Cranston, Rhode Island that’s what some people have been doing. The city went out and checked to see if the 1,903 stop signs were all up and in doing so found out that there were actually 2,595. They then voted to keep all but 21 of them.

So it makes you wonder:

- Why exactly did someone put up their own sign?

- Where did the signs come from?

- Were sign violations at those signs actually against the law?

Interesting issue and one that might make others think. When you consider that there is a lot more to putting up a sign , with the need for a hole, the cement base, and the metal stand, seems like there was someone who really was committed to the project.

Hopefully, with governmental employment reductions and budget cuts, this isn’t going to be something that we all need to look at.