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Driving Snowmen

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It is amazing to drive along the winter highways of Minnesota and see the number of traveling snowmen. Basically, it is the cars that are still covered with snow despite heading down the road at speeds beyond the speed limit. I am sure a number of them have an excuse that the snow just slid down as they were driving along or that maybe they were hit by a sudden snow drop, but the reality is that they are driving illegally.

Minnesota law requires that all windows be clear before you take to the road. This makes sense. Each of the windows require to be able to see all around you as you are driving down the road. Consequently, the above excuses really do not help.

You need to clear your car of all the snow that could reduce visibility before you start driving. Further, you need to give your car enough time to warm up so that your windows are not fogged up as you drive down the road. You need to see where you are going as you are driving down the road.

My best advice is to leave the snowmen in the yard.