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Driving When There Is A White Out


This early winter has lead to all sorts of difficult road conditions. The best advice is to watch the weather and stay where you are at when things are bad. But, since people do drive and the State Troopers are often called to find people, the South Dakota highway patrol put out a list of suggestions concerning what to do when you are caught in a white out:

  • Do not stop in the lane of travel. That’s where a lot of problems do happen is where vehicles do stop in the lane of travel and then they do get hit when they are stopped in the lane
  • Keep going but stay at a comfortable pace that you feel safe driving at
  • If you are having problems seeing make sure you are following the fog-line on the side of the road that’ll keep you from going into the other lanes and going into the ditch.
  • Get off the highway as soon as possible.
  • Continue to scan the road with their eyes while they are driving through heavy pockets of snow. He says if you stare right into it the snow can mesmerize you and cause you to lose focus on the road.

Hopefully, all of the suggestions will lead to lives being saved and people making it home safe this winter.


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  1. Truckie D says:
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    Good advice — the best idea though, is to watch the weather forecasts, and stay home if it’s going to be nasty.

  2. Mike Bryant says:
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    I agree , it is best to stay home if you can. Maybe even stop and stay some where for the night. I got over the arriving in the middle of the night need, you sleep in and it all ends up about the same. Thanks for reading and commenting.