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DWI La-Z-Boy Attracts $$Thousands in E-Bay Bids

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Update here: DWI La-Z-Boy Isn’t – Trademark Foul Kills E-Bay Auction at $43,500


A motorized La-Z-Boy recliner seized by police after being involved in a DWI is attracting large bids on E-Bay.

For details, more photos, and some interesting comments, take a look at my earlier article: Driver Guilty – Drunk Driving a La-Z-Boy?!

The La-Z-Boy was seized from its owner and builder, Dennis Anderson of Proctor, near Duluth, Minnesota. Anderson who was arrested August 31 after leaving a bar and crashing the chair into a car in the parking lot. He had a 0.29 blood alcohol, over 3 times the legal limit, and it was his second DWI. Minnesota law allow seizure of vehicles used in more serious driving while intoxicated offenses.

As of 11:30 PM October 31, the bid was $38,100. The item can be viewed at online aution site E-Bay.

The Star Tribune described the chair:

The chair runs on a converted gasoline-powered lawnmower engine and has a steering wheel, headlights, rear roll bars, a power antenna, stereo and cup holders. It can top out at 15 to 20 miles per hour. Stickers on the back include a National Hot Rod Association logo and one that reads, "Hell yeah it’s fast."

All the funds from the La-Z-Boy sale will be kept by the the police, state and the court system, according to the Duluth News-Tribune.

AHow high will the bidding go? Check back here, and I’ll update the totals till the auction is finished Tuesday Night.

Anderson is selling an autographed photo of himself sitting in his La-Z-Boy to offset his legal fees, but that offering is getting substantially lower bids. As of 9:30 AM October 31, that bid was "only" $405, but there were apparently problems with those bids. By 11:30 PM, the top bids was $166.

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  1. Mike Bryant says:
    up arrow

    I would guess that some bar will end up with it. Quite the invention. Hopefully it’s off the road for good.