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I Just Want My Bills Paid


It is always interesting to see how many times it is that very phrase that leads a person into our office. It is the thing that insurance companies don’t do and upset their insureds. It was actually all the woman in the famous McDonalds case originally asked for.

It is so sad to hear the economic damage that is done to our clients. They miss work at a time with the economy that very few people are sitting around with rainy day funds. They have growing medical bills that are being persued more aggressively by many medical providers.

They just want to get put back where they were before the collision. So they come in and the attorney-client relationship is started. We deal with that and all of their rights to make sure they are made whole as best we can.

If the insurance company would have just treated them right, they wouldn’t have even come in. It’s amazing how simple it could have been to make sure that responsibility is taken and that people are taken care of.


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  1. michelle says:
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    i have been diagnosed with ms and now i can not work, i really need help fast with my bills. so is there any help for me.

  2. Mike Bryant says:
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    Not sure what the question is. Is there coverage and/or is there a underlying claim. Call the office and ask for one of us to discuss you question. Thanks for reading and the comment. ,