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Insurance Companies Make Money from Wearing You Down.

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The Los Angles Times had a very interesting article recently that looked at how people are gaining success in denied health insurance claims by :

- following up

- checking the reason for the denials

- getting help

It reminds me of the number of people who are surprised that something can be done after they have had bills and treatment denied. We even see cases where clients accepted initial finds that they didn’t have a claim or were at fault. Thankfully, they were talked into calling us and checking.

Insurance companies know that a percentage of good solid claims go away when they push back, that they can count on a denial to close a lot of their files. Closed files save them money.

It’s part of the overall Delay, Deny, Defend strategy that they make work.

If you have a claim denied, it’s worth checking it out. Better yet, when you are injured, take the time to find out what your rights are. It’s a great way to protect you and your family.