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Insurance Statements: Talk To An Attorney First

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It’s amazing how many times I hear about adjusters calling people in emergency rooms, showing up at the scenes, dropping in unexpectedly, or calling, calling, calling. They are aggressive in ways that would make the mythical "ambulance chaser" blush. Why they do it was covered quite thoroughly by Injuryboard member Steve Lombardi in a post last year.

What should you do if you are asked to give a statement?

  • Think about why it’s being done.
  • Ask yourself how important the issues are to you.
  • Protect you and your family if you have been in a collision.
  • Call an experienced lawyer and ask about your rights.

I talk to people all the time after they have been in both small and big accidents. I sit down with them and explain their rights and do this without charging anything. It is vital that you understand the full picture before you watch the nice insurance investigator severely change your case. I don’t think the insurance companies steal from you, but they really are in the business of protecting their money. Make sure that you protect you. It’s what we do for people all the time.