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Insurance Study Suggests That Lawyers Make a Difference

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Recently, I discussed the "independent" study that was put together by the Insurance Research Council and touted by the Minnesota Insurance Federation . What is interesting is that items they seem to be spinning in a negative light, may be a great reason for the average Minnesota consumer to take a closer look.

As part of the presentation of the study, they found that between 1997 and 2007, only 23-28% of Minnesotans hired an attorney to help with their no fault benefits. Nationally, during the same time, the percentage was 28-31%. Those who hired attorneys received three times as many benefits.

The study then points out that claims with attorneys are open longer. Which makes sense, because an attorney who understands the law will make sure that No Fault pays what it should. If the Insurance company denies, delays and defends someone will be on the insured side.

No fault benefits involve a number of protections. It’s important if you are in a motor vehicle accident that you talk to someone who understands what your rights are. Missing from the study, is the reality that the insurance companies virtually have an attorney on every case. You need someone on your side.