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Is This Going To Be a Worse Year for Potholes?

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I addressed this topic last year with:

My Car Almost Disappeared: A Hole Where The Road Used To Be, Mike Bryant | March 08, 2010 9:35 AM

If you watch those videos, you can see how a pothole is made. But, this year is already looking like one where we forget how a real road looks. MPR recently looked at the budget issues and found:

the state has scrimped on caring for its 134,000-mile network, the fifth largest in the country.

"We’ve done just a very thorough job of neglecting our pavement for the last 25 years," Sonnenberg, a former Minneapolis public works director said.

Sonnenberg and other road experts say Minnesota is billions of dollars behind on maintenance and preservation that would slow the pothole epidemic.

The start of spring means that this problem may just be beginning. Hopefully, the issue will be addressed at the state house. It seems that they continue to spend way too much time on social engineering and continue to forget the bread and butter keys to good government.

Every business in the state depends on fixing this ever growing problem. Let’s fix it.