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Major Road Construction Is Backing After the Shutdown: Don't Add To It

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The shutdown of the state had a lot of orange cones out there along, but now the workers are back doing their job. Sure, it can be a hassle, but the reality is, that a better road will make the trip easier come fall and winter. The unfortunate sight, is to see the number of collisions that slow things down even before the construction zone.

There are big signs, electric notices and state workers out there in orange vests. But still, people drive to fast and continue to not pay attention as they call and suffer from, as my fellow writer from Oklahoma Noble McIntyre describes, driving inTEXTicated .

Here are the projects just for I-94 from MNDOT:

I-94 in the Twin Cities Metro Area

I-94 from 49th Ave in Minneapolis to Shingle Creek Pkwy in Brooklyn Center
Description: Paint bridges
Construction Dates: May – August 2011
Traffic Impacts: Weekend closures of I-94 and/or I-694

News: Eastbound weekend closure July 29-Aug. 1 at the I-694 split in Brooklyn Center

News: Dupont and Humboldt bridges closed July 28-29

I-94/Hwy 101 in Rogers
Description: Construct overpass from I-94 westbound to Hwy 101 northbound over South Diamond Lake Road in Rogers. Update existing guardrail and drainage systems from the Crow River to 1.6 miles east of Hwy 101; Also Lighting System Replacement at I-94 and Hwy 101 in Rogers, and resurfacing from Rogers to Maple Grove
Construction Dates: April 2010 – August 2011
Traffic Impacts: Lane closures between Maple Grove and Rogers resume May 4, 2011

I-94 eastbound from northbound Hwy 61 to White Bear Ave in St. Paul
Description: Construct eastbound auxiliary lane, update ramp metering
Construction Dates: July – October 2011
Traffic Impacts: Lane and shoulder closures, ramp restrictions

I-94 from Nicollet Ave in Minneapolis to Cretin/Vandalia Ave in St. Paul
Description: Resurfacing, shoulder and median reconstruction, guardrail and bridge updates, noise wall installation
Construction Dates: Spring 2011 – Summer 2012
Traffic Impacts: Restricted to three lanes May-October 2011, additional overnight lane closures, two weekend full closures per direction of I-94 in 2012

News: Construction resumes with some overnight closures July 24

I-94 frontage road from Lowry Ave Bridge to 1st Ave Bridge in Minneapolis
Description: Resurface frontage road
Construction Dates: August – September 2011
Traffic Impacts: Lane restrictions on frontage road

I-94 at Shingle Creek Pkwy in Brooklyn Park
Description: Replace traffic lights at the Shingle Creek Pkwy ramps to/from I-94
Construction Dates: May – June 2011
Traffic Impacts: Non-rush hour lane closures on Shingle Creek Pkwy and the ramps

I-94 – Bridge over St Croix River near Hudson, WI
Description: Paint bridge (project led by WisDOT)
Construction Dates: April 15 – November 18, construction will resume in April 2011
Impacts: Lane restrictions during off-peak hours.

I-94 West of the Twin Cities Metro Area

I-94—34th St. South in Moorhead New Interchange Open
Description: Realign interchange and street corridor
Construction Dates: September 2008 – Summer 2011
Traffic Impacts: Lane closures

News: Intermittent lane closures at 34th St. interchange from May 9 to late June.

I-94 and Hwy 10
Description: Replace road signs from St. Cloud to Little Falls and at Hwy 15 in Benton County
Construction Dates: September-November
Traffic Impacts: Intermittent lane/shoulder closures

I-94 east of Albany to Collegeville
Description: Resurface roadway
Construction Dates: August-November
Traffic Impacts: Intermittent lane closures

I-94 at St. Joseph
Description: Install lighting
Construction Dates: May
Traffic Impacts: Intermittent lane closures

I-94 in Monticello
Description: Paint overpasses, landscape
Construction Dates: July 2009-May 2011
Traffic Impacts: Intermittent lane closures

I-94 St. Augusta to St. Joseph
Description: Resurface roadway
Construction Dates: July-October
Traffic Impacts: Lane closures, flaggers, pilot car

I-94 Stearns and Wright counties
Description: Upgrade guardrail
Construction Dates: June
Traffic Impacts: Intermittent lane closures

I-94 in Albertville
Description: Install interchange access improvements
Construction Dates: June -Spring 2012
Traffic Impacts: Intermittent lane closures

News: Adding some guardrails on county and township roads between West Union and Albertville, lane closures on I-94 beginning May 9 and completed early June

I-94 WB Barnesville to Downer exit
Description: Resurface roadway
Construction Dates: May 2 – mid-August
Traffic Impacts: Lane closures, crossover

I-94 Lake Iverson rest area
Description: Demolish building
Construction Dates: September – October
Traffic Impacts: Rest area permanently closed

I-94 over Douglas County Road 1
Description: Resurface and paint bridges
Construction Dates: May 31 – mid-October
Traffic Impacts: Lane closures, crossover

I-94 EB and Hwy 210
Description: Resurface eastbound lanes from Rothsay to Hwy 59 and resurface Hwy 210 from I-94 to Otter Tail CR 82 (Pebble Lake Rd)
Construction Dates: Sept. 6 – Early October

Traffic Impacts: Lane closures

To check the other roads in Minnesota check out MNDOT’s website.

Hopefully, people will be on the alert and not add to the slowdowns.

Also keep in mind that work zones come with double fines.

Other safety tips include:

  • Stay alert, expect the unexpected.
  • Allow ample space between you and the car in front of you.
  • Anticipate lane shifts – merge when directed to do so.
  • Don’t change lanes unnecessarily.
  • Don’t speed in work zones; obey the posted speed limits.
  • Avoid using mobile phones while driving in work zones.
  • Be especially alert at night while driving in work zones.
  • Be patient!