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MNDOT Needs To Look At Most Deadly Section Of Highway 14

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Highway 14 between Dodge Center and Owatonna is starting to attract more state attention as the number of accidents and highway deaths seems to be on the increase. The concern is a busy highway, that needs to be crossed for many drivers. Dodge County Chief Deputy Mike Leonhardt says the 2-lane stretch of 14 between Dodge Center and Owatonna is one of the most dangerous. "If you make a mistake it’s either in a ditch or you hit another car,"

At Present MnDot has been looking at the area and had made some changes with new signs and center line ruble stripes. But, that additional money is not available at this time for major changes.

No matter what is done drivers must always be aware of:

  • the amount and type of traffic sharing the highway with them. The traffic may be heavy or light and may include trucks, cars, motor homes, farm equipment, motorcycles and bicycles.
  • changing weather conditions—fog, snow, water and ice, for example—that affect visibility and road conditions.
  • the type of vehicle being driven, particularly the condition of the brakes and the weight of the vehicle, which affects braking ability.
  • the character of the highway the driver is traveling. Drivers should adjust their speed for hills or for winding and narrow roads.
  • the presence of intersections, railway grade crossings or pedestrians.