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MNDOT To Look At Most Deadly Section Of 169

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According to state records, the 13 Hills section of Vermilion Lake and Pike townships generates the most accidents of any stretch of Hwy. 169. Due to funding concerns, projects in the area are being scaled back or being reexamined with questions coming up as to where in the area the available money should be spent.

The local task force has been writing their Congressman, contacting all of their local state officials and continuing to hold meetings to discuss what can be done. The 13 Hills area averages about 3,900 cars per day. At the same time, the crash rate is 1.05 crashes per million miles at 13 Hills. MnDOT officials acknowledged that given the higher traffic count, the 13 Hills section actually sees substantially more accidents and well above the statewide trunk highway average of 0.4 crashes per million miles.

No matter what is done drivers must always be aware of:

  • the amount and type of traffic sharing the highway with them. The traffic may be heavy or light and may include trucks, cars, motor homes, farm equipment, motorcycles and bicycles.
  • changing weather conditions—fog, snow, water and ice, for example—that affect visibility and road conditions.
  • the type of vehicle being driven, particularly the condition of the brakes and the weight of the vehicle, which affects braking ability.
  • the character of the highway the driver is traveling. Drivers should adjust their speed for hills or for winding and narrow roads.
  • the presence of intersections, railway grade crossings or pedestrians.