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Multiple Snow Plow Accidents Leads To MnDot Warning

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Each year there are, on average, 93 accidents involving Minnesota snow plows. With each snow fall, more than 1,500 MnDOT drivers clear the 12,000 miles of state roadway. On one day last week, there were three accidents. As a result, MnDot issued a warning to all drivers to watch out for snow plows. “Our snow plow operators are some of the best in the world,” said Lt. Gov./Transportation Commissioner Carol Molnau. “They will do their part to get the roadways clear and safe. But we need your cooperation. Drive according to the weather conditions. Stay back from plows. Take your time.”

As part of the warning MnDot asked:

  • Drivers to not use cruse control
  • Stay Clear of Plows
  • Turn On head Lights

Accidents involving snow plows can be a very complicated issue. Make sure to talk to a knowledgeable attorney if you or a family member is involved in one. It is important to investigate early and talk to all available witnesses.