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Parenting Resource Center Working To Increase Youth Seat Belt Usage

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The Parenting Resource Center in Mower county was recently praised for their work with teenagers. Through presentations that include stories of deaths and severe injuries, the group talks to 16 year olds about their seatbelt use.

This group was targeted after a study by the Governors Highway Safety Association report "Driver and Passenger Seat belt Use Among U.S. High School Students, which concluded that U.S. high school students aged 16 years are significantly less likely to wear seat belts as passengers than as drivers.

The idea is to get them to start leading by example. "If you guys buckle up in the car, there is a good chance others in the car will buckle up, too," said Jill Riley an AmeriCorps volunteer for the Parenting Resource Center. With this story coming recently after a story about the three 2008 highway deaths in Mower County , this is a great effort and hopefully will be successful.