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Personal Injury Ads: Dancing Squirrels?

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Last year, I wrote about a firm from New York that was focusing on the use of funny ads to promote their work. Basically, the idea is to get across that they only take real cases. As I pointed out, sometimes those commercials may be of questionable accuracy. Recently, I saw these:



The message is one of a victim. Which isn’t a word that has been distorted, but does cover what many clients are through no fault of their own. But, the pictures do seem a little extreme.

In Minnesota, you need to meet a threshold in order to bring a pain and suffering claim in car collisions. Insurance companies save a lot of money by, in my opinion, practicing law and telling people they aren’t hurt enough.

We go to trial with cases because we have a good faith belief that the client should recover. Not to waste the jury or the court’s time. It really doesn’t help if the jury has been polluted by the belief that all plaintiffs are fakes. I can’t see how the squirrel helps.