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Road Conditions Don’t Make For an Excuse

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Every Minnesota driver is required to keep control of their car. They are also required to drive in a manner commiserate with the road conditions. I was thinking about this today as I watch a car slide through two separate intersections. While I wasn’t in the car to be sure, it seemed from observation that the driver seemed to believe that since they couldn’t properly stop without sliding, they were free to use that momentum to go right through the intersection.

I was able, with a little less speed and applying the breaks earlier, to stop at each stop sign. In the case of the car’s first slide, which was from my left, a good thing for both of us and our passengers. I previously went over the list of items to think of when winter driving.

Let’s reiterate a couple:

1) Slow down

2) Think ahead

3) Stay home if you can not safely navigate the road conditions.

Winter driving requires a number of things, including watching out for what the other driver may not be doing right.