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Robert Street: Will Construction Make the Roads Safer?

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For many years, anyone who gets near Robert Street in St Paul knows that there is going to be a lot of traffic. As the Pioneer Press has reported:

The north-south corridor, which carries up to 26,000 vehicles a day in its busiest spots, is also Minnesota Highway 3 — one of the most accident-prone in the state, say city and state transportation officials. They point to its high number of driveways and business accesses and the continuous left-turn lane down the center that apparently confuses some drivers.

There is a 7 million dollar federal grant that will hopefully be the start to making the road safer. There are a number of other changes that will hopefully follow.The issue continues to be money. Additional aid has been requested for both state and federal aid.

The whole area would then be monitored to see if all the changes would make a difference. The Federal Highway Administration will have the final say . Hopefully, the money will be appropriated and something will be done to ease the traffic problem.