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Round Up: Some Great Legal Thinking

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I like reading other blogs. I think I get just over 50 sources in my Google reader, with a production of about 200 articles a day. It usually takes about 30 minutes a day to click through and see what everyone is saying. Here is some great stuff I found from a number of lawyers I regularly read:

Steve Lombardi looks at the issue or signing waivers that cover your kids events.

The AAJ President recently addressed the Federalist Society and the 7th Amendment Advocate had some things to say about it. He also looks at why the Conservative agenda shouldn’t include tort reform.

Pete Mackey takes a look at conservatives of today and what is shaping their founding fathers understanding.

Karl Truman takes a expanded look at a issue that Joanne Doroshow of the Center for Justice and Democracy recently covered in the Huffington Post about why insurance costs really go up and down.

Finally, something from Perlmutter and Schuelke about preventing road rage.