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Roundup: Protecting Those We Work For


I always remind clients that I work for them and they don't work for me. I found a couple of very helpful articles that help lawyers do that:

– Fellow Legal Examiner writer John Bair takes a look at what can be done to understand the client before they get their settlement money.

– The National Child Protection Training Center is doing some amazing stuff to educate everyone that is involved in the investigation, prosecution, and representation of Survivors of sexual abuse.

– Oregon survivor attorney Kelly Clark takes a look at the success of the Oregon Abuse Advocates and Survivors in Service (OAASIS) Conference.

– Sergio Munoz takes a look at a resent editorial that was in the Wall Street Journal concerning the legal world of Asbestos litigation.

– Finally, take a look at this discussion about what the Boy Scout file release tells us.

This is the kind of help and information that all clients need.


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  1. John Bair says:
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    Thanks for the link, Mike. Attention to these common financial issues can make all the difference for the client.

  2. Mike Bryant says:
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    it is very helpful information, thanks for the comment