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Sobering Facts About Drinking And Driving

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I recently came upon an article from the Rochester Post-Bulletin that looked at DUI’s on both the statistical and the real story level. The stories are sad and a lot like we see in our personal injury practice. The numbers were a little staggering:

  • one in eight licensed motorists in Minnesota has a DWI incident on their record;
  • one in 39 has three or more convictions;
  • In Olmsted County the last 10 years have seen more than 9,000 people charged with misdemeanor DWI;
  • A person died in an alcohol-related accident every three hours in Minnesota;
  • A crash involving a driver younger than 20 occurred every 28 minutes in the state;
  • A motorist not wearing a seat belt was killed or injured in Minnesota every three hours.
  • Traffic accidents are the leading cause of death for Minnesota teenagers, eclipsing suicide, other accidents, cancer and homicide combined.
  • The risk of dying in a crash doubles when a teen driver has a teen passenger in the car and is five times greater with two or more passengers.

These numbers need to be reduced. Hopefully, continuing to review the stories and looking to more education on the issues, we can do that.