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Spee Dee Delivery Truck's Illegal I- 94 U-turn Causes Collision

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This morning, the first southern exit to St Cloud off of 94, was almost completely shut down after a Spee Dee Delivery truck caused a major collision. The truck was in the process of making a U-Turn on the highway. Due to this maneuver a truck and a second van hit each other and the Spee Dee truck.

Three people were taking to the hospital. The police are still investigating the reason for the attempted turn. As a regular driver of that area, it seems crazy that someone was trying the U-turn. The traffic speeds alone would make that a very dangerous maneuver.

If you are in an accident, make sure to get the names of anyone who indicates they saw what happened. If you witness an accident, check to see if everyone is OK and stay around or at least give the drivers your contact information. If you are injured, seek the advice of an attorney who does that kind of work and who can explain your coverages and rights.