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State Drivers Seeing The Advantage Of Highway Medium Fencing

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For a couple of years, the Minnesota Department of Transposition has been working very hard to put fences up in the medians of Minnesota highways. This past fall, the St Cloud area saw their fences arrive. All indications are the fences are saving lives.

"Fence locations are chosen based on traffic volume, median narrowness and the number of cross-median crashes" said Sue Groth of the Minnesota Department of Transportation. The state has installed 116 miles of the four-cable fences since early 2004 and plans to add another 50 miles next year.

"We love them," said Lt. Mark Peterson of the State Patrol. "We think it saves lives and reduces fatal and serious crashes, especially in weather like this."

This was clearly a good idea and hopefully with any funding discussions, the rest of the state will be finished.