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The Adjuster Arrives In The Hospital Room

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I recently spoke to a family who indicated to me that they were calling because a claims adjuster had shown up in their loved one’s hospital room only hours after the collision. It was a significant collision that involved a semi tractor/trailer, so you know why the investigators are out. Many semi tractor drivers are told to call the insurance companies before they even call the police.

Imagine what would happen or what words would have been said if I as a personal injury attorney had shown up at the scene or in someone’s hospital room uninvited. That is “ambulance chasing,” isn’t it? But clearly the insurance companies are out there not to protect the person, not to help the person, but to hide and minimize their fault.

The advantage of hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer is getting someone who is on your side, to get investigators out at the scene, to make sure evidence does not disappear, and to ensure that all the important witnesses are found. There are tragic cases where it was found that companies shifted through multiple witnesses until they found someone who gave them a story they liked. They then brought those individuals to the police to try to shade the way the evidence is collected.

In major collisions, people are in such shock by what happened that they are not always focused on the things insurance companies are. Always keep in mind that the little white trucks and the nice insurance investigators are not on your side.