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The Adjuster’s Legal Opinion: It’s All Your Fault


I am amazed at how many people we see because of an insurance adjuster giving bad legal advice. It usually involves the nonpayment of a bill or a dispute over the property damage. Often, the issue is who is at fault.

We have scores of cases where the person came in and they were told they were totally at fault or a large percentage at fault, and later the facts are clear that was hogwash. The adjusters pray on the false belief that you are always somewhat at fault:

- Couldn’t you have slowed down?

- Couldn’t you have looked out better?

- Couldn’t you have done something else?

Often they use statements to provide this argument and lock you into admissions. This is even in cases where they start off saying, "We know this is our fault , but…….."

The truth is that they are not lawyers. They have never tried a case and most interesting, for out of state adjusters, they probably have no idea what place you are in. They are giving legal advice without a license and in a way that would get a real lawyer disbarred. But, since they don’t work for you and actually think you are a fraud, they justify what they do with the usual lie they tell on Survivor to the person they hate who is a liar.

Don’t fall for this garbage. Call a lawyer who does this kind of work and ask about it. The consultation is free and most of all, they are allowed to give you advice. It’s important to understand your rights before the insurance adjuster tramples on them.


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  1. Joe Crumley says:
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    Just had this happen yesterday. Our client’s insurer never looked at the pictures, and actually paid the other guy’s damage. Now it looks like it was completely backward!

    Great post, Mike!

  2. Mike Bryant says:
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    Unfortunately we are seeing it more and more. Thanks for the comment.