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There Is Snow and It’s Cold: But There Are Still Bikes on the Road

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Maybe because Minneapolis is the most bike friendly city or maybe it’s just the die hards, but it’s clear that even with the mountains of snow we have here in the state this year, there are still a lot of bicyclists out of the road. Which means that drivers need to keep a look out.

How do they do it?

According to a recent story from MPR:

The biggest challenge I think is staying safe; it’s certainly not staying warm. Said Dorian Grilley, executive director of the Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota, People don’t realize you generate a lot of heat when you’re bicycling and as long as you have something that breaks the wind on the front, you should be able to stay warm.


With riders still on the road, it’s important to keep in mind the following recommendations.

General Bicycle Safety Tips

-Always wear a helmet. Bicycle helmets can reduce head injuries by 85 percent.

-Use hand signals to indicate which direction you want to turn.

-Be aware and alert at all busy intersections. Make yourself known to motorists.

-Have reflectors or lights when riding at night.

-Pass on the left, and be ready to hit the brakes. Keep a good passing distance.

-Be aware and leave room for motorists trying to make right-hand turns.

-The paths in Boulder have 15 mph speed limits; follow the speed guidelines.

-Don’t wear headphones when riding, and yield to traffic when entering roadways.

The hope is, as riders brave the elements, people will be reminded of the need for safety.