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Today's Question: What if the Insurance Company sends me to their Doctor?

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During this week in June, I am addressing common questions that get asked in our practice. Today's Question is: What if the insurance company sends me to their doctor?

If you are sent for an adverse, or what they call an "independent medical examination," you need to talk to someone who is skilled in that area of the law. These doctors are routinely hired to see lots of people and often come up with many of the same answers. It is important that you know what you are required to do in these examinations, as well as what the doctors are not allowed to do. There are horror stories of people being injured in these examinations, forced to do things they are not required to, and being verbally abused.

On the other side, on occasion, there are some doctors who come off as being very friendly. Clients are later shocked to find out how negative the report is compared to the nice doctor who examined them. You need to keep track of how long you are with the doctor, what happens during the examination, and if there was anything strange or unusual that came up. It is also helpful to review the report with a knowledgeable attorney in order to ensure that all the basic information was taken down correctly.

These questions are not intended to replace a consultation with an attorney, nor do they take into consideration facts that may differ about your particular case. Here at the Injuryboard, we have experienced attorneys who can deal with your individual questions and best help you with your case. Feel free to get the help you need by contacting one of us.