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Top Reasons Why Consumers Complain To Their Insurance Companies

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The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) recently compiled the complaints that are made by consumers against their own companies and provided the following list:

Top Five Reasons for Complaints in 2008
Total No. Percentage

Delays 26,844 19.1%

Denial of Claim 25,851 18.4%

Settlement/Offer 20,021 14.2%

Premium and
Rating 6,644 4.7%

Cancellation 5,618 4.0%

The report also found that a total of 195,669 confirmed consumer complaints on insurance companies were reported in the 2008 calendar year. Also that accident/ health and auto insurance coverages were the target of the most complaints.

A review of the list seems to confirm that the tactics of Delay, Deny, Defend not only are very much at work, but that people don’t like them. Considering that the people in this survey are the consumers who are buying the product, hopefully these findings will wake the industry up.

But, if they don’t and you continue to have a problem, remember to contact an experienced personal injury attorney to explain your rights and to make sure you are protected.