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Vikings Running Back: Way Too Fast At 109 MPH

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We have been cheering the Vikings as they have had a great season so far. There has been nothing quite as good as watching their star running back Adrian Peterson as he runs away from opposing NFL secondaries. But, his latest actions of speeds are really quite disturbing. Saturday night he was stopped for driving 109 miles per hour in a 55 mile per hour zone.


The speeding took place is in area of town that makes this kind of speed seem almost insane.

Of interest, a young mother wrote into the Minneapolis Star Tribune and pointed out that she goes by that area with her children in the car all of the time

Not learning anything from his teammate. Vikings wide receiver Bernard Berrian was cited on Monday night for going 104 on I-694 in Oakdale.

I look forward to seeing what the team does for the rest of the season. But, seeing this kind of driving should cause even the most rabid fan to pause. Speed plays a role in way too many deaths. It’s time that both of these players limit their speed to the field.