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Was the Collision in the Stars?

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I’ve been reading a lot about the recent discussion of the new zodiac sign. It’s actually something my grandmother told me about many years ago. But, for various reasons, it looks like those who depend on the present signs really didn’t want the information out. It is understandable that people who are now being moved out of signs they have been wedded to for most of their lives wouldn’t like the idea of the change.

I did also come upon an interesting article about some studies being conducted about signs and defendants in auto collisions. Allstate insurance is claiming that in 2009, Virgos were seven times more likely to be in a collision then a Sagittarius. Scorpios, on the other hand, known for determination and awareness, were involved in only 1.5% of all accidents in 2010. Here is the chart:

I’ve looked at the cause of collisions and wondered why someone suddenly rear ends a car or runs a light. Maybe it is in the stars?