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When Shoveling It’s Against The Law To Place Snow In The Street

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Right now everyone is having to deal with near record amounts of snow in Minnesota, but when you are clearing sidewalks and drive ways, the snow can’t be placed on the road. The Minnesota Department of Transportation sent out a press release last week pointing out that private homeowners and commercial snow removal operators are prevented from depositing snow onto a public roadway.

The hazards identified included: the creation of a slippery area, frozen rut, or bump that could contribute to vehicle or pedestrian accidents. Violations are misdemeanors and liability can extend to both the property owner and the person or company who placed the snow improperly.

Such accidents would require quick investigation and pictures of the condition as soon as possible. If you are involved in such an accident, it is imperative that you hire experienced attorneys to investigate and review your claim. They will also need to look at all available coverages, including the home owners which isn’t often available in most car accidents.