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Winter Driving: Are Roadside Plantings Make The Road Safer

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Recently, the Minnesota Department of Transportation followed up on the results of a project that was started in 2001. The work was to plant living snow fences of shrubs and prairie grasses along I-94 between Freeport and Albany. What they found was that less salt and sand was used, there were no accidents, and that there was less blowing and drifting snow.

It will be interesting to watch this area over the next couple of winters. It also will be important to weight the cost of these projects and the resulting savings in emergency winter responses. The project involved the state working with local conservation groups and landowners at 64 sites over the 20 miles of planting.

This is the kind of road changes that save lives and may in the long run save money. Hopefully, more areas will look at the feasibility of this type of planting.