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You Have No Choice , You Have To Settle

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It is so sad to talk to a potential client who calls you to late in their case. They have questions, usually about medical bills that aren’t getting paid. When you start going over the facts, you find that they had an accident, were hurt and had been getting care. Their insurance company had been, as they should, paying the medical bills. But, a week or a month later, they get a call from the adjuster saying: "We aren’t going to pay anything else. You either take what we offer or we are sending you to one of our doctors who will say we don’t have to pay."

Clearly the adjuster is giving legal advice. There is absolutely no doubt that the insured’s rights are not a part of the adjusters interests. But, the person is scared or at least concerned about the bills they have built up to this point. So they take the money.

It’s a month, or a year later and they are still hurt and have no where to turn. lf that call came in before the unfair offer, there is a lot that we can do to help. There is an arbitration option or a law suit. Or at the very least, a review of what their insurance company didn’t tell them. There’s a reason why No Fault studies have shown that people with attorneys are better protected.