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Mike Bryant

5 Steps to Take After Being Injured by a Defective Product in Minnesota

Companies that design, manufacture, and distribute consumer products have a duty to take reasonable measures to ensure their products are safe. If a product has an inherently dangerous design or if a defect develops during the manufacturing or distribution process […]

Mike Bryant

Check list : 1) Fall Back 2) Change Smoke Alarm Batteries

Tonight is fall back time again, where we gain an hour of sleep and have to change all the clocks. It’s easy to have VCR’s and Cell phones that take care of themselves. But did you change the necessary batteries? […]

Mike Bryant

Round Up: Solid Stuff From the Minnesota Ankle & Foot Blog

The Minnesota Ankle & Foot Blog is the official blog of Dr. Lance Silverman.  I talk about it from time to time because I have found it so interesting.  Here are some recent posts I thought were worth reviewing: – […]

Mike Bryant

Benihana Waiver

For my 50th birthday my family got me the opportunity to cook at Benihana. I  eat there a  decent amount, so I was  excited about the opportunity.   In order to cook, you need to go in a couple of […]

Mike Bryant

The Subway Foot Long Lawsuit

I have seen a little bit about these lawsuits. I looked at it as basically people aren't getting what they paid for. If you buy a foot long sub, it should be a foot long. Just like if you…

Mike Bryant

Be Safe with Those Holiday Lights

With the Christmas just around the corner, the kids can tell you to the minute, it's important that consideration go into safety with the lights and tree.


Mike Bryant

Thanks for Trial Lawyers

If you are out buying a new car, listen to what the sale person points out about the safety features. Notice that the car doesn't have a gas tank in the trunk, is not designed it a way for…

Mike Bryant

A Safe Kids Party: Moonwalks And Inflatables

A great place to spend have a birthday is to take all of the kids where there are multiple moonwalks or bouncy inflatables. Both my boys have had their birthdays and attended others birthdays at…

Mike Bryant

Smile: To Help and Not to Hurt

So many of the posts here on the Legal Examiner center on tragedy . Deadly car collisions, Oil Spills and all sorts of dangerous products. It's just great to see a study about how your…

Mike Bryant

Small Batteries are a Danger to Children

I came upon a story about the growing concern of children swallowing coin size batteries. According to the studies from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

From 1997 through…