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Mike Bryant

Use Measuring Devices When Taking Medicine

In the Annals of Internal Medicine, professors form the College of Management at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta have recommended that parents use measuring devices when giving…

Mike Bryant

Negative Finding Still of Concern with Meningitis Outbreak

The meningitis outbreak continues to be a cause for concern, as the Minneapolis Tribune reported, there are a number of cases of people who have symptoms and still testing negative:


Joe Crumley

Meningitis Scare Hits St. Cloud Patients

The meningitis scare has hit St. Cloud. Central Minnesota health care giant CentraCare has sent out 170 letters to patients who received injections prepared by the “meningitis…

Mike Bryant

Meningitis Outbreak Lawsuit and More Questions About New England Compounding Center (update)

My partner , Joe Crumley wrote about the issue with the licensing or lack thereof by New England Compounding Center (NECC). The distributor at the heart of the Meningitis outbreak from steroid…

Mike Bryant

MAPS Reports Meningitis Outbreak Here in Minnesota (update)

Friday, The Minneapolis Tribune reported about a meningitis outbreak that was taking place both in Minnesota and Nationally:

Fungal meningitis has been diagnosed in two women hospitalized…

Mike Bryant

What Were You Reading About In 2011 At The Injuryboard?

It's been great to have a forum to talk about making the world safer, but even more important has been the opportunity to learn from Injuryboard posts by great lawyers across the country….

Mike Bryant

FDA Issues Warning About ShoulderFlex Massager

This past week, the Federal Drug Administration issued a safety alert for the ShoulderFlex Massager.
The ShoulderFlex Massager, is distributed by King…

Mike Bryant

Generic Drugs Just Got More Dangerous

Generic drugs are cheaper, so many people get them over brand names. Now due to a decision from the United States Supreme Court, in Pliva v. Mensing, they are probably more dangerous. The court…

Mike Bryant

Johnson & Johnson Recalls 13 Million Packages Of Rolaids

Thursday afternoon, Johnsen & Johnson recalled 13 million packages of Roilaids. This is yet another recall of their over the counter products. Like the peanut butter recalls of last year this…

Mike Bryant

Is Four Loko Worth All Of The Effort? (update)

Energy drinks have been with us for a while. Mixing them with alcohol was probably an inevitable result. For some reason, Four Loko has become the target of a ban. Personally, I have never had a…