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Mike Bryant

Bachmann Quits

It's a interesting video.


Watching it, there is a number of non-excuses and really no answer to why.

I did find it interesting…

Mike Bryant

Do Speed Traps Just Raise Revenues and Help Insurance Companies?

I was driving on Highway 169 on a Sunday morning when I noticed a police officer hiding off an overpass. He clearly was hiding in a corner and had the speed gun out covering the northbound…

Mike Bryant

Two Blogs That Have Some Great Advice About Client Internet Activity

This past month, I came across two blogs that have taken a look at the dangers of internet disclosures by clients during litigation. Eric Turkewitz at the New York Personal Injury Blog has What…

Mike Bryant

Expungement and recent Minnesota Case Law

In a recent ruling, the Minnesota Supreme Court made it easier for a person found not guilty of a crime to receive an expungement, the process of erasing a criminal file. In State v. RHB, 821…

Mike Bryant

NRA Poll has Obvious Results, But Can Tell Us More

It was no real surprise that a recent NRA poll was released which found that eight in ten NRA members oppose bans on high-capacity ammunition clips and semi-automatic assault weapons, with at…

Mike Bryant

The Law of Les Misérables

I saw Les Misérables the Movie today. I have seen the play a number of times and have always loved the music. It was interesting to see how real the movie is. That the songs, while fun, in…

Mike Bryant

More Lawsuits? Not Supported By the Numbers

Tort reformers scream from the mountain tops that civil lawsuits are clogging up the system, that loads of juries are giving away money like game shows, and that the system is out of control. The…

Mike Bryant

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Speaks to Justice

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The courts are closed, no mail , and for some a day off. It will be a day to read or hear the I Have A Dream speech. To think about it's meaning.

Mike Bryant

What I Want to Hear From the President Tomorrow

Tomorrow is Martin Luther King Day, so many will have the day off or at least not have the mail to deal with. It is also the Inauguration, which is going to be the President's second speech…

Mike Bryant

Don't Use 1,2,3 as a Password

It is amazing to look at the list of bad passwords. I would guess it's a combination of being lazy, not wanting to remember anything, and being oblivious to the world of identify theft. Here…