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Mike Bryant

Is The Blue Mice Group Going To Help With Spinal Injuries?

Doctors are now looking to blue mice to deal with spinal injuries. Apparently, through the injection of Brilliant Blue G into injured mice, researchers are seeing substantial signs of healing. The…

Mike Bryant

Americans Looking To Alternative Medicines

Last week, I wrote about the issues of pain killers and the advantages of chiropractic options. It’s nice to see the recent study of the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS)…

Joe Crumley

Minneapolis Man Critically Injured; Defendant Probably Drunk

Christopher Iverson, a 48-year-old south Minneapolis resident, was critically injured at a bus stop early Sunday morning, according to a Star Tribune report. Iverson was chatting with a woman at the…

Mike Bryant

Child Safety: Recent Studies Raise Concerns About Children And Snowmobiles

Last week, I blogged about general safety concerns while snowmobiling. Recent deaths up north have raised the concerns of more people. A recent study look closer at the concerns of young riders.