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Mike Bryant

Things to Know About the Danger Of E. Coli

There are many examples of recalls that writers here at the Legal Examiner have covered concerning E. Coli threats. Many of the stories involve beef recalls, but there have also been peanut…

Mike Bryant

Sunland Inc.’s New Mexico Peanut Butter Plant Shut Down By FDA (update)

Due to recent salmonella breakouts the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has shut down the New Mexico peanut butter processor Sunland Inc.'s. Investigators found salmonella throughout the…

Mike Bryant

Newman’s Own Recalls Lite Honey Mustard Dressing

The last week of November , Newman’s Own, Inc. announced a nationwide recall of it's Newman’s Own Lite Honey Mustard Dressing because it contains undeclared milk. People who have…

Mike Bryant

Planning a Safe Thanksgiving

With a couple of days to go before the Thanksgiving holiday, it's important that thoughts turn to food safety before it becomes an issue. More than 200,000 Americans get sick each day from…

Mike Bryant

A Good and Safe Turkey

With the smell and taste of the turkey dinner just days away, it's important that consideration go into how the turkey is prepared.

The turkey should be thawed completely.


Mike Bryant

Picking the Right Tom Turkey

The key to the whole meal is picking the turkey. A past government study suggests that that isn't a simple task. “The USDA released data on turkey contamination that showed 90% of the…

Mike Bryant

Today Is The 37th Great American Smokeout

Today is a great day to do something healthy. Take part in the Great American Smokeout.

The historical highlights:

In 1977, Berkeley, California became the first community to limit…

Mike Bryant

Food Poisoning: Great Website About Our Food

If you spend some time looking around the Legal Examiner, you will find hundreds of articles about various issues with food. Search Food Safety and you will find all sorts of alerts. The peanut…

Mike Bryant

Food Poisoning: Why Does Bacterial Spread?

As the production of food becomes more worldwide and greater amounts of processing are done, there is an increased concern about what it is we are eating. The need to watch out for harmful…

Mike Bryant

Food Poisoning: The Attack Of Organisms

The bases of most food poisoning outbreaks is the existence of harmful organisms that grow and contaminate our food. Knowing what causes the spread can help each of us protect ourselves and our…