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Mike Bryant

Mangoes Recalled Because of 105 Salmonella Cases

The first week of September, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that more then 900,000 mango's may need to be recalled. The Daniella-brand mangoes were grown and harvested…

Mike Bryant

Reichel Foods Recall Ready-To-Eat Meat and Poultry Products

The second week of August, the United States Department of Agriculture and Reichel Foods, a Rochester, Minn., recalled 15,880 pounds of ready-to-eat meat and poultry products due to possible…

Mike Bryant

Pink Slime? Was That the Reason They Wanted Immunity? Update

I wrote about the Hamburger Bill in the past and remember the time the author even showed up drinking a McDonalds drink just to show how safe everything was. I wonder if he's thinking about…

Mike Bryant

J&B Group Recalls Over 2,500 Pounds of Beef Sirloin

This past week, the United States Department of Agriculture and J&B Group, Inc., of St. Michael, Minn., recalled over 2,500 pounds of beef sirloin products due to products being misbranded…

Mike Bryant

The Goal of Making Thanksgiving Safe

With a week to go before the Thanksgiving holiday, it’s important that thoughts turn to food safety before it becomes an issue. More than 200,000 Americans get sick each day from what they eat, and…

Mike Bryant

Safely Cooking The Turkey

With the turkey dinner just days away, it's important that consideration go into how the turkey is prepared.

The turkey should be thawed completely.

Enough time must be allowed…

Mike Bryant

Getting the Right Turkey

The key to the whole meal is picking the turkey. A past government study suggests that that isn’t a simple task. “Last year USDA released data on turkey contamination that showed 90% of the…

Mike Bryant

The Great American Smokeout

Today is a great day to do something healthy. Take part in the Great American Smokeout.

The historical highlights:

In 1977, Berkeley, California became the first community to…

Mike Bryant

Great Website for Food Safety

If you spend some time looking around the Injuryboard website, you will find hundreds of articles about various issues with food. The peanut butter salmonella issue was covered from a number of…

Mike Bryant

Going Swimming? How About a Shower First?

Sad story about former Olympian Catherine Garceau and her struggle with her health after years of being in the pool:

Garceau retired in 2002 and began looking into holistic medicine. Experts…