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Mike Bryant

Spring Planting: Watch Out For Farm Equipment

The country roads of Minnesota can be scenic short cuts across the state, but, with spring planting starting, we know that farm equipment is back on the road. Sure, it can be slow and bothersome for…

Mike Bryant

Semi Collision Closes I-94

On Saturday afternoon, I-94 highway was shut down for eleven hours about 4 miles south of Eau Clare after two semitrailers crashed. One of the drivers was killed. Authorities said they are still…

Mike Bryant

Loose Tires Are Very Dangerous

Here at the Injuryboard, members have written about the need to check the lug nuts on your wheels after you buy tires. It’s been pointed out :

If you get new tires, you should within a few days…

Mike Bryant

Todd County Sheriff Looking For Hit And Run Semi

Saturday Night, a woman was turning onto U.S. Highway 71 in Clarissa when her Dodge Intrepid was struck by a semi truck, traveling southbound on the highway. Her engine was ripped from the vehicle…

Mike Bryant

Couple Of Semi Collisions Remind Us Of Need To Watch For Big Trucks

The 2009 numbers were very good this past year concerning semi truck collisions. Makes you wonder why the truck lobbyist were so into preventing coverage responsibility this past session. …

Mike Bryant

Week Of Collisions Causing Widespread Damage

There are a number of blogs here at the Injuryboard that focus on particular collisions. Each is a tragedy that should have been avoided. This week in Minnesota, we saw a number of collisions that…

Mike Bryant

Tired Drivers Shouldn't Be In Big Rigs

Back in May, a tired semi driver rear ended and killed two people on I-35 in Lakeville. The Minnesota state patrol records indicate that the driver was ordered off the road following the collision….

Mike Bryant

Official Numbers For 2009 : Some Of The Best Numbers Yet Concerning Semi Trucks

Along with the historically low numbers for overall Minnesota highway deaths, there were also much better numbers concerning semi trucks. In comparing the numbers for the last 10 years, 2009 had the…

Mike Bryant

Semi Crash And The Implications Of Governmental Actions

Two events intersected each other last week that present us with a couple of lessons. Traffic was stopped waiting for construction on I 35 in Lakeville. A semi smashed into three of those vehicles…

Mike Bryant

Two Semi Collisions Kill Four In Southern Minnesota

Watching the death trends on Minnesota highways it is always a concern when there are multiple collisions that happen. Clearly, any death is tragic, but when there are the string of teen deaths and…