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Mike Bryant

Why Would Anyone Ever Give Up Their Facebook Password?

There has been a lot of talk about employers who are now asking potential employees to hand over their passwords to their Facebook accounts. I guess the theory is that they could look around and…

Mike Bryant

Herman Cain: Candidates and Their Backgrounds

So women keep coming out with stories of past harassment by Presidential Candidate Herman Cain. I absolutely believe that he should have a right to defend himself. The thing is that he was the one…

Mike Bryant

The Wal-Mart Class Action Gets Struck Down By the Supreme Court

This past week we learned of the United States Supreme Court decision in Wal-Mart v. Dukes. Basically, they ruled that the 1.6 million plaintiffs didn’t have enough in common to be considered a…

Mike Bryant

Sheen & Another Celebrity Lawsuit

I, like everyone, have been watching and reading the slow meltdown of Charlie Sheen. Never thought much about his show, but liked it when it happened to be on. No idea why they pay so much money to…

Mike Bryant

State And Consumers Will Be Protected Under New False Claims Act

Passed the last week of the session and going into law in August, is the False Claims Act (FCA). The FCA imposes civil penalties for persons who make false or fraudulent claims for payments of…

Mike Bryant

Make Sure You Read Your Applications For Insurance

There are two times when insurance companies are very interested in the activities of those that they insure. They are very interested in ensuring that they premiums get paid and they are again…

Mike Bryant

Citizen Action Gets Things Done On Prevailing Wage In St Cloud

In 1987 the St Cloud City Council passed a resolution that on all public funded projects of 200,000 or more the federal prevailing wage must be paid. In building the St Cloud Library this was not…